Can you predict how much premium
you'll bring in this year?

Here's how Advisors Excel increased their premium by $1.2M in 12 months...

  • They know when their case managers haven't touched the case in 4 days
  • They know when trending business begins to decline – so they can quickly investigate and take real-time action
  • They know what their real cycle time is with carriers
  • They know which 3 agents slowed their average cycle time down by 5 days last quarter

Advisors Excel can analyze life insurance annuity cases, quotes, and e-Apps – faster and easier – by integrating iPipeline’s InsureSight Data Factory, powered by data cloud company Snowflake, with their customer relationship management (CRM) system to obtain streamlined data.

Imagine what insights you could have with InsureSight…


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Ryan Fickel
Chief Technology Officer,
Advisors Excel

David Libesman
VP of Data & Analytics,

Kieran Kennedy
Head of Data Marketplace, Snowflake

Emerging Data Trends Shaping Insurance and Wealth Management
Tuesday, June 28th | 4 p.m. ET

Hear from these industry experts as they discuss how digital processes can help you scale the data architecture marketplace to centralize your data in one place – and provide you with a 360-degree view of your customers while driving efficiencies and turning insights into wallet share.


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